A-Dec chairs

We know how important it is that you are relaxed during your treatment. Our A-Dec chairs are renown for their comfort.

A-Dec chairs

Digital radiography

We take digital radiographs of your teeth which can instantly be seen on our TV screens. By taking digital radiographs we are also helping the environment as no harmful chemical will be needed to process them.

Digital radiography

Digital scanner

For some treatments such is crown and bridges, an impression of your teeth is needed. We know that for many, this is not their favourite part of the treatment. By using a digital scanner, we do not need to take impressions of your teeth any more. In addition, it helps us to detect and monitor cavities between your teeth without using X-rays as it uses Near-infrared imaging (NIRI) technology.

Digital scanner
Digital scanner

Intra Oral camera

As the saying goes; a picture says a thousand words. We use a small pen-shaped camera to take photos of your teeth when necessary. This will help us to diagnose and to help you deicide what is the best treatment for you.

Intra Oral camera

Patient education

We use short videos on our website to explain different diagnosis and treatments. This will help you to understand your treatment options and to make an informed decision.


We have dedicated central sterilisation room with modern sterilisers that are being maintained regularly.


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